Tourism Association of Liberia (TAL)



 “Harnessing Liberia’s Natural Resources for the Promotion of Tourism in Africa”


To revitalize, enhance and promote tourism in the country so that Liberia is recognized - throughout the world - as a major tourism development catalyst and destination attraction by the year 2021.


  1. Establish framework for public-private sector stakeholder collaboration in identifying and promoting projects and workshops aimed at improving Liberia’s culture and tourism industry,
  2. Initiate national dialogue and consultations with domestic and international stakeholders and the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Information Culture & Tourism for selecting and providing national infrastructure and policy guidance for the tourism sector,
  3. Seek partnerships with other tourist organizations, local and international, for the purpose of promoting tourism in Liberia.


Mission Statement:

We are committed to:

  1. Sensitizing and building strong alliances with the general public exemplifying the benefits and advantages of tourism,
  2. Building long-term stakeholder value that will encourage investors and tourists to visit and invest in Liberia’s tourism industry and overall economy,
  3. Collaborating with the Government of Liberia – It is important to continuously engage GoL in seeking and devising proper mechanisms for promoting and sustaining tourism to include; the autonomy of a distinct “Tourism Authority” that will monitor and regulate the sector.
  4. Partnerships with local and international tourist organizations, to include UNWTO, USAID and other UN bodies, to instill best-practices and galvanize assistance,
  5. Forming alliances with local artisans and traditional folks for the promotion of Liberia’s culture and heritage through handicraft, dance, etc.
  6. Partnerships with national museum, parks, and relevant organizations for the promotion and conservation of endangered species, reserved areas, wildlife, and culture,
  7. Protecting the sanctity of the tourism industry by collaborating with relevant security apparatus to prevent and minimize improprieties often associated with tourism,
  8. Encouraging Liberians to invest, and become proactive in the tourism industry,
  9. Engaging political leaders, especially our Senate and House Standing Committee’s on Ministry of Information Culture & Tourism (MICAT), to ensure adequate political will for the enhancement of the sector,
  10. Promoting and sustaining GoLs developmental agenda as prescribed for in the Vision 2030 Agenda for Transformation (AFT) document through tourism and tourism related activities.
  11. Provide a platform for research, digital data management, information sharing and best practices to create value and enhance sustainability with regards tourism in Liberia,
  12. Create an enabling environment that will induce Liberian’s to play an active role in the development of tourism in Liberia.
  13. Create awareness and, initiate projects and programs aimed at promoting a cleaner and healthier environment.



The Tourism Association of Liberia is firmly committed to utilizing the tourism industry as a major economic driver for growth, job creation, and overall national development.

We believe that tourism can encourage the preservation of the environment and create the atmosphere for reconciliation through cultural and social exchange.

We are also of the conviction that through alliances with public-private partnerships that the overall goal of Liberia attaining middle income status by 2030 will be met.








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